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Welcome to the Fire Penguins website where you can find everything you need to know about paintball and meet a Northwest Paintball team at the same time.



TODAYS DATE: 08/05/2005

20 Sep 05 - If Tacoma Paintball held a tourny we didn't have the opportunity to go :( stupid work. But luckily we are registered and pumped to go this weekend on the 24th. Oh and we picked up a new player who's profile will be included in our roster soon. The Fire Penguin women will also be attending the tourny this time so we will have some pics as well.

5 Aug 05 - Tacoma Paintball has finally updated their website but still no pictures of our tourny. They were supposed to have another tournament on the 31st of July but that was canceled due to a bad turnout and them giving out the wrong dates. Luckily at the end of August they "are" holding another tourny hopefully everything goes well. :)

19 July 05 -  Wow it has been awhile but the team has had alot of things going on. We had our very first speedball tournament (actual our very first speedball game ever) on June 26th at Tacoma Paintball in which we placed 3 1/2, it is a long story but we had a blast. Tacoma Paintball hasn't updated their website yet but when they do I will try to get some pics out there.

08 June 05 - The team had it's first meeting and Team Fire Penguins is now the official name.

06 June 05 - The team has been created under the un-official name of the Flaming Penguins. The website is created and posted on the internet.

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